With a background in science, and a healthy fill of skepticism, I have been so pleasantly surprised by the accuracy with which a life can be understood through the stars. I will never subscribe to one modality, but I can’t stop reading, interpreting, questioning, and probing deeper into this vast terrain of astrology. I’m experiencing less conflict in relationships, greater resilience in my own being, and a diehard thirst to be intimate with all the complex parts of myself. There is less fear, more curiosity. There are fewer shoulds and more coulds. There is less resistance, more acceptance. I feel closer to the river’s natural course, more rooted in my own intuition, and better able to express my authentic self. It’s a long journey, but I can’t imagine a better guide in this realm than Arifa. She offers a keen, earthy intuition refined over decades, and a direct communication style that is always compassionately delivered. I will return to her as long as my heart is open to this learning. Jenn Barton writer, environmental educator 

Arifa’s ability to act as witness, to validate internal perceptions and to mirror a personal story through the larger lens of astrology is both an art and a skill that astonishes me with its accuracy. Arifa has helped me to see that the patterns of our lives are indeed written into the stars.”
Sara Wright, Professor of Women’s Studies

Partner Work
I first went to see Arifa for relationship trouble. I learned to appreciate differences. Of course, the long-term work was in terms of my own chart. (isn’t it always!) Initially that was about recognizing, trusting and allowing the inherent gifts. As we went deeper into the shadows and complexities, I learned a good deal from Arifa’s non-judgmental, even appreciative viewpoint. I have found the astro lens freeing, not confining. Leaning toward compassion.  NW

Enthusiasm over the tool a chart can be led me to take the Patterns of Fate program. Following that, I joined two other of Arifa’s classes. In each venue, it has added richness and dimension to study astrology – human nature – through all the charts and all the stories of each student in the class. I can’t imagine a guide in this study with better language/relational skills than Arifa. For me, study with her has been fun, enlightening, and heartening.

There’s Arifa the astrologer, Arifa the teacher, Arifa the person. I’d say, get to know them all.  NW