Relationships, relationships and more relationships

Astrology can be very useful in understanding any of the ‘partnering’ relationship we have.

After individuals have had their charts done and have some understanding of the astrological lens into their stories then it is possible to work with the chart of another. Depending on the nature of the partnership, the reading would focus on different aspects of the charts.

There is also a chart that can be calculated from the charts of two people, called a composite chart. A composite chart describes the energy that is created by the interplay of the two individual charts.

A relationship reading looks at how the two charts compliment, conflict, enhance and hold back each other. And adding to this rich soup is the energy that is created by the unique merger of the two charts described in the composite chart.

Working with a love relationship, requires looking into both charts in depth. Issues like love, intimacy, nurturing, communication, power, libido drive, need for people or time alone will be looked at in relation to the chart of the loved one.