Patterns of Fate

Astrology Retreat
Astrological world view along with Group Dynamics Training are offered in various residential retreat formats. Astrology is often considered an obscure and irrelevant fantasy. Actually, it is an ancient cross-cultural archetypal psychology and hence, connects us to the archival resources of the human psyche. It shows us the natural law, a deeper connection to spirit and a way into more harmonious community living.

Astrology offers a useful template for understanding the brilliance of human difference and diversity. Our experiential astrology seminar helps us to make meaning of the seeming chaos of our lives and to appreciate our inherent psychological wholeness.

In a Patterns of Fate residential retreat, you will develop some skill in learning to:

● read your own chart
● see how the night sky carries a pattern of meaning for us
● engage your relationships with a fuller awareness of your uniqueness
● read charts of others
● understand how patterns of meaning are images of the psyche
● and above all, accept the principles of elegant difference that makes us who we are

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