The moment we took our first breath, is recorded in our astrological chart, showing the relationships between the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets.

A natal astrological chart offers a map of our particular energetic, archetypal wiring, defined by the interplay of planetary positions at the time of our birth.

As the astrologer
I bring the knowledge and experience of chart interpretation. You bring your biography, family structures, culture background and ancestral heritage.

This dialog becomes the ‘reading’.

Possible insights that can come from a this exchange

• An overview perspective on our lives, ability to stand back from the drama of present moment.
• Understanding of how planetary cycles are moving in our lives and psyches.
• Balancing the understanding of the gifts given and the challenges offered inherent in our birth chart.

A session is 2 hours.  Sessions are recorded.
The cost is $180. Payment plan is available.