We live and work in groups.

At best these group systems support and enrich our lives. Too often, they contain challenging or even destructive relationships that threaten or overwhelm our patience, sensitivity and skill. Using astrological tools helps to transform group situations into opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

Before a group session
, each member has an individual session. This provides the opportunity for individual understanding and self-knowledge before entering a group session. The depth and length of these individual sessions depends on the needs of the group. During the group consult each member is able to understand his/her uniqueness in relation to others.

As a result of doing a astrological group work:
• Members are empowered to accept their differences and similarities and are able to function more effectively as a group.
• Group leaders develop an ability to delegate more responsibly and effectively.
• Members work together more cohesively.
• Conflict and difficulties within the group are more easily resolved.

Subsequent meetings allow for in-depth work on interpersonal relationships, examination of special concerns, such as the addition of a new person to the team, helping a new venture get off to a productive start or matching qualifications with job descriptions.

The length and cost of group sessions will be negotiated according to the needs of the group.
General fee is $100 / hour.