The objectivity of the astrological vantage point is very useful in understanding the dynamic of family systems, particularly helping parents with the challenging task of raising children.

The parents’ astrological charts and composite chart provide clarity and understanding of the family environment.

Interpreting the charts of children in relation to the family system help parents understand:

• General aspects of the nature of the child
• What interventions work best at various developmental stages.
• Which educational setting would be most appropriate for the child’s temperament and learning style.
• What adults can do to help children cope the family dynamics or crisis.

When I work with the charts of children I am careful not to not become predictive about their future or specifics about their destinies. The purpose is to support parents, help understand difference and similarities and how they can support their child to flourish.

bullit“Navigating my daughter’s willful pronouncements at age 3 was quite challenging for me with my sensitivities. There were obvious astrological differences that immediately explained this: Leo daughter meets Cancer mom. But what interested me more in my work with Arifa, were the intricacies, the father story that revealed itself in my daughter’s chart, which has drastically changed the way my husband and I approach discipline. Integrating the complexities of my daughter’s mind, heart, life force and emotional needs have further helped us understand what kind of educational setting might best serve her. I continue to marvel at how daily challenges are best resolved when I can conjure up that colorful image of each of our charts, which so clearly reveal differing needs. The personal frustration then dissipates into a broader curiosity.”
Jenn Barton writer, environmental educator